Friday, February 24, 2012

Many uses, one hat.

I've never been good about remembering where I parked my car. When I lived in Minnesota, I just always parked my car in the same places. On the far side of Macy's, near the display with the scarves; in the second to last row on the left hand side of Target; near the green lamppost at the movie theater. If you always park in the same place, you always know where your car is (thanks mom).

But I haven't really done that in Ann Arbor. Where I park is usually just determined by how close to my destination I can get. If its in a surface lot or on the street, i can find the car just fine. But when I'm in a ramp...I end up going from floor to floor.

Today was another one of those days. I parked the car in the 4th spot from the stairs, put on my panda hat and dashed off to dinner. When Brian and I returned for the car, I warned him that we might have to do some walking. On level three, with the sounds of another couple walking up behind us, we stepped out of the stairwell to check for the car. Returning to the stairwell, I said "I'm pretty sure its on the next floor." From two stairs above, a strange man said "Not to be creepy, but your car is on the next floor. I recognize your hat."

Distinctive, no?

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  1. See what a good idea it is to always remember where you park in a ramp? Don't you recall that fateful night at the airport when we wandered around on the wrong ramp looking for the car? Good you were with me. Good Brian was with you this past night. And...hooray for Panda hat!