Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Snow Darling!

Every year at Christmas time, I watch "A Muppet Family Christmas." It was made in 1989 and growing up we had a video of it on VHS that we would watch. There were musical numbers and appearances from all the Muppets--the traditional Muppet crew, the gang from Sesame Street and the Fraggles. How wonderful.

When I was feeling lonely and homesick one winter, I bought myself a copy on DVD. It was pirated from Europe and lacked a couple of the musical numbers and a few of my favorite scenes, but I still watch it every Christmas. One of the missing scenes, which I have gleefully reenacted for Brian's somewhat amusement is a series of jokes told by Fozzie and a Snowman.

Fozzie: "I can't wait for Santa and his eight dancing reinbear"
Snowman: "That's Reindeer"
Fozzie: "No, that's snow, darling!"

Get it, Reindeer/Rain, Dear. Ha!

Tonight at dinner, I was talking about someone's reindeer farm (yes, such things exist). Brian interrupted me to say, "Its not Reindeer, its snow darling!".

My eyes welled up. I started crying in the middle of my meal. He's never even seen the joke, but he remembers it because it makes me so happy to tell it. What a wonderful person.

I told him its the nicest thing he's ever said to me. Then we both agreed that his proposal was a bit nicer.

But only a little bit.